Monday, June 13, 2011

My glorious council

I have lived here in Carmarthenshire since 1973 and suffered under Dyfed and the new unitary authority; the latter has inherited the worst parts of both Dyfed and Carmarthen District Council.
CDC is the council that had the wizard wheeze of building a chairman's parlour on top of an emergency planning bunker that they had neglected to get planning permission for (some things never change). The original project costs were allegedly around £60,000 but escalated to more than £250,000, the hole in the ground still exists under the car park in Spliman Street, I understand it is not waterproof.
Carmarthenshire County Council pay the chief executive more than £160,000 a year and the chairman approximately £50,000 and yet they don't seem to understand the concept of openness and accountability. See for more details, an excellent blog by Jacqui Thopmson of Llanwrda. posted: Ms Gravell struck back at criticism of the high salaries saying: "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." Who are the monkeys now?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a wastrel I!

It is Sunday afternoon and I have been reading the Observer and eating and drinking while the delightful Victoria Coren has spent the morning reading all the papers and still find time to write a thoughtful rebuttal of one of the "Dirty Digger's" "journalists"
I'm sure she doesn't need the help of an old idiot from west Wales but I just think that as many people as possible should be alerted to some reasonable opinions!

I'd also like to point you to look at someone who is willing to stand up to the bullies in CarmarthenshireCC.