Friday, January 30, 2015


Cameron wants to ban encryption without understanding that most of what he proposes is not possible.

The Home Office set up a Twitter account and then tweet that they have arrested "immigration offenders" without understanding the Contempt of Court Act.
Both of these is happening when there are some of the brainiest people employed by both the civil service and by political parties.

The government determined to carry on with the privatisation of the Post Office when every other privatisation have been of dubious value to tax payers and the paying public.

Grayling wreaks havoc on the judicial system.

IDS wrecks the lives of countless disabled people and the working poor.

Gove makes such a mess of the Education Department that he is "promoted" to Chief Whip.

I read a description of these people in a forward to Nicholas Nickleby where he describes the people running "schools" as incapable pettifoggers and, reading that, in my mind I can only see Cameron, and his Bullingdon club mates and the lickspittles that enabled the present government.

Don't get me started on the situation in Carmarthenshire where cronyism is the only way to go and Buggin's turn gives any old fool the job of their dreams.