Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am so lucky

hehehe Just got yet another version of the 419 scam from Ghana no less *email address below*

Dear Partner,

I guess this letter may come to you as surprise since I had no previous correspondence with you.

I am the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Ghana (EC). I got your contact in my search for a reliable person to handle a very confidential transaction involving the transfer of the sum of $14.500.000 Dollars (Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) the above fund is not connected with arms, drugs or money laundering. It is the product of an over invoiced contract awarded in 2008 by (EC) to a foreign company for the supply of electoral materials that were used for conducting the 2008 elections.

The contract has long been executed and payment of the actual contract amount has been made to the foreign contractor leaving the balance of $14.5 million which my colleagues and I now want to transfer out of Ghana into a reliable foreign account for our personal use.

As civil servants we are not allowed to run foreign accounts.
Hence we have chosen to front and support you as the beneficiary to this funds. If you are interested in the proposal kindly get back to me by sending me your letter of acceptance along with your direct telephone and fax numbers, we have decided to share the money in the following percentage, 60% for us 30% for you the account owner and 10% for all local and international expenses that may arise in the course of this transaction. Further details about this transaction will be discussed in subsequent correspondence.

Note also that the particular nature of your business is irrelevant to this transaction and this transaction is expected to be concluded within 5 working days since all local contacts and arrangements are in place for a smooth and successful conclusion of this transaction.

Contact me via email with your contact telephone and fax numbers, so that I can call you for a discussion.

Thank you as I await your response.

yours faithfully,
Dr.Kwadwo Afari

Thursday, September 17, 2009

ID cards, CRB checks, no balance

What a bunch of lily-livered two faced idiots we have as a government. They are now going to make their "nanny state" the reason for the very illiberal ID card to be rolled out, all in the name of "child protection".
Well I'm sure it will turn out as useful as a chocolate teapot, after all they can't secure the data that they already have and when another layer of access is added, that inevitably means yet more abuse of the system by the clueless and the wicked!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big brother, big idiot more like

Waqui Jacqui now wants to use Facebook, twitter etc., to make us all feel too uncomfortable to question this governments face in the trough habits.
Her family home is a bedroom in her sisters house while her family live in a house in her constituency, paid for out of public funds no doubt .
Tony McNulty claims for his parents house in his constituency while he live a mere 8 miles away, but he has done nothing wrong.
Peter Mandelson, well don't get me started!
I think the whole bunch of them have lost the plot and have, through their incompetence, contributed to the economic meltdown.
It ain't terrorism that is the greatest threat to us it is a bunch of self-serving venal ne'er-do-wells called "New Labour"
Nye Bevan and Keir Hardie must be turning in their graves at the shenanigans happening in the Palace of Westminster.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beatles, blues and a blue violin

Yesterday I went to Hereford to visit my daughter and go to a gig at the Courtyard, where she works. Phil Bates, Mik Kaminski and Tina McBain playing and singing the aforementioned BB&BV, excellent stuff, just a shame that the auditorium was not full, but that didn't detract from the show; have a look at :D

Oh and don't forget

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The morning after

I typed yestersday's post at half time of the France Wales match so I must ammend the phew to boohoo, a great game but France were awesome!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Digital TV

Why not have all BBC channels for all licence payers?

We all live in the UK so why can't people living Wales not have BBC Scotland and alternatively all people in Northern Ireland have the main BBC2 channel.

There is enough room for the red button etc., why not give us all a free shot at the programmes that we fund!

my heart is pounding, great game(France v Wales) Phew!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was flabbergasted that the Parcelforce website did not work when I used Firefox and even more gasted when it said it couldn't support my favourite operating system (Linux). I wrote to them complaining and got this reply: wrote:
Dear Mr Bean

Apologies in the delay in responding to you.

We endeavour to support as wide a customer base as possible, but it is not always possible to support every combination of operating system and browser. Doing so would exponentially increase the amount of testing and associated costs required each time we made a change. We therefore made the business decision to support most Windows operating systems and Mac OX.

Due to the different versions of Windows Vista available, this operating system is not currently one of our supported operated systems although some customers do use this system successfully to book collections.

I hope this has clarified our position.

Best regards

mad lady
Manager,Managing Director's Office
One imagines that their position is stuck in the mud somewhere just after the primordial swamp ;-)

Names have been changed to protect the guilty

Monday, February 23, 2009

~Oh dear~

I had a blog somewhere in the interweb but lost the connection to it some months ago, so I thought I would give this thing a go.

I will try and post useful stuff and not just get my knickers in a twist about the latest dumb thing that this government(UK) do, although those is dumb things are legion.

I use Linux as an operating system and try and help people with that and to that end linuxstarterpack is a good thing to download and read ;-)