Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big brother, big idiot more like

Waqui Jacqui now wants to use Facebook, twitter etc., to make us all feel too uncomfortable to question this governments face in the trough habits.
Her family home is a bedroom in her sisters house while her family live in a house in her constituency, paid for out of public funds no doubt .
Tony McNulty claims for his parents house in his constituency while he live a mere 8 miles away, but he has done nothing wrong.
Peter Mandelson, well don't get me started!
I think the whole bunch of them have lost the plot and have, through their incompetence, contributed to the economic meltdown.
It ain't terrorism that is the greatest threat to us it is a bunch of self-serving venal ne'er-do-wells called "New Labour"
Nye Bevan and Keir Hardie must be turning in their graves at the shenanigans happening in the Palace of Westminster.

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