Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rip off Britain

ffs SWMBO noticed that the AA deducted £149 for our membership, their website quotes £103 for the same cover; we have been members of the AA for 30 years and have very occasionally used them, shouldn't we get a better discount than new customers?

I also find it completely stupid that my local electricity supplier cannot quote me a cheaper price than some bloody French company, similarly gas is the same.

While I'm on stupid things why is it so expensive to phone a mobile phone now that most of the infrastructure is now in place and why so much more expensive when calling from a landline? GRRRRRR!

1 comment:

  1. Why on earth would an existing supplier reduce their prices, you are less likely to leave and someone has to pay for the heavy discounts given to attract new customers. It's a vicious circle, attract new customers then hike the prices once they're on the contract - look at all those BT broadband ads saying it's £6.99 a month and then in tiny print it says £19.99 a month after the first three months, minimum contract 24 months.

    regularly changing suppliers/banks etc is the only way to save, but most people want an easy life.