Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blogger 2 Dafyddp 0 and a demerit

I have been following the #daftarrest thing on twitter all I can say is that Dyfed Powys Police have done themselves and us a disservice with their badly written and inept explanation

The lady in question pays council tax and is therefore one of the many joint owners of County Hall and had every right to be there in the public gallery and, as far as I understand it, there was no legitimate reason to exclude her.

Perhaps all councillors need reminding that they are supposedly looking after our interests and the officers are ultimately paid by us, some of them get more than the Prime Minister, to advice the councillors how to act in a legal and proper manner in accordance with the council's constitution, code of conduct and standing orders; the footage on youtube isn't quite clear under which standing order, and who invoked it, the meeting was suspended or the lady removed?

I had always understood that if your were independent that you did not necessarily following the tup about, hard to believe that on the evidence ;-)