Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to Ruritania

Yet another meeting that I have been unlawfully excluded from because I refused to sign an unlawful undertaking. Oh the irony of reading in the Carmarthen Journal that the Council had stopped asking people to sign the undertaking almost made me utter a Victor Meldrew catch phrase.

Another irony that on the front door of the Council is a sign saying that there are CCTV cameras in the building recording our every move, funny that it is such a contentious thing to film inside the Council Chamber.

Yet more stupidly they have a notice that under fire regulations visitors have to sign in and then be locked in an area that does not allow emergency egress without phoning through to be escorted out of the building

On that same page is a story about the Council leader's ill advised impromptu speech criticising protesters and council workers,  she says that the footage has been edited to suit their own agenda, well if these things were recorded properly then we could all see what she said, context and all ;-)