Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The system is messed up.

I have been reading Polly Toynbee's piece about Cameron's big cut idea and I agree with everything she says and I would like to point especially to the comment by NorthMiner.

That Tesco, Morrisons et al make huge profits while staff are kept on minimal contracts and live mostly by working tax credits, the system is messed up.

Jimmy Carr pays 1% tax on a 3.3 million pound income and he was just one of the thousand on that particular scheme. News International, Vodaphone et al have elaborate tax avoidance schemes while people in the lowest tax bracket pay disproportionately more, the system is messed up. 

Politicians get paid a good wage and usually for two homes as well, families on benefits face being moved from their own neighbourhoods to distant "cheaper ones", the system is messed up.

Affordable housing is out of the reach of most of the lower paid and is snapped up by buy to rent schemes that bolster pensions of already well provided for people, the system is messed up.

MPs and civil servants will retire to index linked pension, the lowest earners will live in penury, the system is messed up.

I can't write any more, the system is messed up!