Friday, September 21, 2012

yet another Meldrew moment

In this weeks Journal and other places on the web Mark James is unapologetic over the Ombudsman's condemnation of the council and offers the advice that it would have been better to keep them in  a B&B. I am shocked that a so called "civil servant" should be so uncivil!

This is the man who blithely shifts in imaginary funds from next years budget to cover a shortfall in the financing of a local care home.

This is a man who wishes to cow council tax payers and lobbyists by threatening to sue for costs against any protest by any group.

This is a man who dismisses constituents concerns as being unworthy of mention in a full council meeting, is he as dismissive to everyone?

Time is coming when somebody who can actually do something might notice how this man blights our reputation here in Carmarthenshire!

As the honourable Victor said "I don't believe it"