Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#pambot 2, and sundry other things

Pam Palmer had a very busy day tweeting as part of Carmarthenshire's democracy week, apart from voting for a change to the constitution that means one has to find 7 councillors to propose a debate. She answered no questions again, quelle surprise!
One wonders what will have to happen to overthrow this tinpot regime??

PamPalmerCCC Wedi bod mewn cyfarfodydd trwy'r dydd. Cyfarfod diddorol o’r Gyngor Sir y bore yma.

PamPalmerCCC Been in meetings all day. Quite an interesting meeting of County Council this morning.

It was also interesting how the council seem to be late and incomplete with answers to FIO requests. Tickets for the match anyone, no not you plebs :P

The Council of Despair Part I